‘Shave off’ £600 from household bills by avoiding bad bathroom ‘habits’

Household bills, including water, are extremely expensive, with England and Wales soaking up the biggest water bill rise in decades earlier this year. An expert has shared which bathroom "habits" are leading to higher bills.

Smart Energy shares tips for reducing energy bills

1. Fix leaky taps and save £300

Dominic Lees Bell, expert at Tap Warehouse, said: “It’s important to fix any taps that leak or drip as this can be a real drain on bills. A trickling tap can use over 450 litres a day, or a huge 175,000 litres of water in a year.

“This costs the average homeowner £300 extra on their water bill, which can be prevented with a simple fix. Usually, leaking taps are caused by a degraded tap washer, so simply replacing the washer or valve can fix the issue and save you money.”

2. Switch to showers and save £66

One “simple way” to save water is by switching some baths to showers because they often use a lot more water.

An average shower lasts eight minutes which uses around 62 litres of water, compared to a typical bath which uses around 100 litres.

Switching to showers saves water which also has a positive impact on the environment as well as saving money, according to the pro.

‘Shave off’ £600 from household bills by avoiding bad bathroom ‘habits’

‘Shave off’ £600 from household bills by avoiding bad bathroom ‘habits’ (Image: Getty)

3. Take a five-minute shower

The expert explained: “Cutting your daily shower down by three minutes could save around 23 litres of water. Over a year, this means you will reduce your water and energy bills by £88.

“A good way to keep track of time is by creating a five-minute music playlist to listen to in the shower or setting a timer on your phone.”

4. Save £118 by installing a water-saving shower head

Even though showering alone can save water, households can go further by installing a water-saving shower head.

This includes installing an aerator shower head which combines water with air, creating larger droplets of water giving the sensation that there is more water than there is.

According to Dominic, this will use up to 50 percent less water, cutting showering costs in half

5. Turn the water off whilst you shave and save £59

The bathroom expert continued: “It takes about two minutes to shave and, in that time, you would have wasted 15.6 litres of water if you leave the tap running.

“Turning it off while you shave can save £59 annually in water and energy bills. Instead, use a bucket, jug or any type of container filled with water to help rinse the razor off.”

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6. Save £38 by plugging the drain whilst waiting for the water to turn hot

In some households, it can take as long as a minute before the water turns hot, meaning as much as 10 litres of water could go to waste.

Keep the drain plugged and adjust the temperature whilst the bath runs, saving more than £35 a year.

According to the expert, changing these habits can help to “shave off” £600 on bills.

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