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Dear Reader, 

The Express has a proud tradition of delivering the news and campaigning on your behalf for over 120 years. 

The Express has been an important voice in Britain since it was first published in 1900. Much has changed, but The Express is still very much at the heart of life in this country providing wide-ranging stories to both inform and entertain you. 

We believe the voice of The Express and its readers represents the values and ethics of fair-minded people who want the very best for Britain. 

Our team is dedicated to providing up to the minute news, comment and analysis which matter to you - and to which we hope you will comment on. 

We see The Express as a family and we very much see yourself as part of it. 

The news business is an expensive one because of the quality journalism we provide, and that is why you will find adverts next to the stories you are reading. 

But today I would like to offer you an alternative by inviting you to join Express Premium

As an Express Premium member you will be able to read all of our stories online uninterrupted by advertising for just £2.99 per month or £19.99 per year. 

You will also receive an exclusive Editor’s Letter newsletter from me straight to your inbox every week.  

And as we know how much you enjoy commenting on our stories, you will also be able to comment more easily in a more streamlined way. 

If you are interested in joining, click here, and please do let me know your thoughts. You can email me anytime on news.desk@express.co.uk.

Many thanks for your continued support of The Express. Your contribution is greatly valued. 

You are a part of our incredible 123-year heritage and will help define the future of our great title.

Best wishes,

Gary Jones

Express, Editor-in-Chief

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