Air fryer grease ‘glides off’ in 10 minutes ‘without scrubbing’ when using 50p natural tip

Air fryers have become a staple household appliance in recent years, adored for their fast and easy-to-use nature. However, when it comes to cleaning them, this task isn't as easy.

Express shares how to clean air fryers in five minutes

If used on a regular basis without , can be a nightmare to clean.

Households will find that their air fryer basket has accumulated thick grease and stubborn burn-on food stains that need hours of scrubbing.

This was the case for one woman as she took to the Cleaning Tips Facebook page in search of advice.

Janet Stevens wrote: “Hi, what does everyone use to clean their air fryer, please?

“I haven’t stayed on top of cleaning mine and there is a lot of dried-up grease in the basket.”

soda crystals

Many agreed with using soda crystals to clean air fryers (Image: Getty)

Group members took to the comments section to share their best methods. One that many agreed with was to use soda crystals.

Angela Britton wrote: “I use soda crystals, I fill the basket with hot water and add 250g of it leave for 10 minutes and  it all comes clean after using a sponge.”

Gina Delia said: “I soak the basket in hot water with soda crystals as soon as cooking is ready.

“Leave it till we eat, then wash as normal as I wash other dishes.”

Air fryer basket being filled with boiling water

Fill air fryer basket with boiling water then add soda crystals (Image: EXPRESS)
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Linda Gray commented: “I boil a kettle and, as soon as I remove the food, I pour boiling water into the basket and add a quarter of a bag of soda crystals. 

“By the time I’ve eaten, I can just give it a quick wipe down with a sponge and the grease glides off. Then I just rinse it out. Easy!”

Chris Montford said: “Soda crystals in hot water removes the grease and food stains without scrubbing.”

Lori Moore replied: “I now wash mine with hot soapy water after every use, if it's really bad and filled with greasy deposits, the best bet is to soak it in a solution of boiling water, and soda crystals.”

Graham Wood claimed: “Using soda crystals in hot water makes my air fryer the easiest kitchen appliance to clean now.”

Soda crystals are a non-toxic cleaning product that effectively lifts grease from a range of surfaces and appliances, such as air fryers.

A 1kg bag of soda crystals can be picked up from Sainsbury’s and Tesco for £2. As 250g of the product only needs to be used, this works out as 50p per use.

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