Royal fans upset as King Charles failed to issue new item for last night's state banquet

Royal onlookers were excited to potentially see a new item debuted at King Charles's state banquet tonight, but fans were left sorely disappointed.

king charles and queen camilla at state banquet

King Charles and Queen Camilla wore glamorous outfits for last night's state banquet (Image: Getty)

For many royal fans, King Charles hosting his first state visit since his Coronation is a spectacle worth fawning over - but one particular detail has left some disappointed.

Fans on social media began speculating about whether King Charles would have his Royal Family Order debut at the state banquet, hosted in honour of South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol tonight.

A Royal Family Order (RFO) is a decoration - like a brooch - and is a gift from the head of the Royal Family, presented to other members, particularly female relatives, as good measure. Although it’s not an official state decoration, it can be worn on official state occasions, on the left shoulder.

The tradition started in 1821, with the RFO of George IV, and continued to Queen Elizabeth II, who is the most recent monarch with an RFO. The Order’s are decorated with a tudor crown and diamonds on the exterior, and finished off with a pastel yellow ribbon.

The late Queen’s Royal Family Order was worn by many senior royals throughout her lifetime, including Princess Kate, Queen Camilla, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Royal Family with President of South Korea

King Charles is hosting the state visit of the President of South Korea (Image: Getty)

Princess Kate was the last known recipient of the RFO, who received her Order in 2017 for consistent work and support of the Queen. Meghan Markle did not receive the Order, as the Order is only gifted on discretion of the monarch.

Following the Coronation of King Charles earlier this year, many have been wondering when his order will be debuted.

One avid royal fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Will we finally see the Royal Family Order of King Charles III tomorrow night during the state banquet on occasion of the South Korean state visit? Queen Camilla and other ladies will wear that one together with the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II. It's about time!”

Many others under the post were also eager to see a new Order. One user said: “Its high time. Queen Elizabeth II's was first presented to recipients at Christmas in 1952(10 months after her accession, before her coronation). Surely 14 months is enough; one can only hope”.

Princess Diana wears Queen Elizabeth II Order

Princess Diana wears Queen Elizabeth II Order (Image: Getty)
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Another wrote: “I hope so, it's about time the King's family order makes its debut.”

Unfortunately for expectant fans, the new King Charles’s Royal Family Order did not make an appearance.

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer said ahead of the event that he understands King Charles’s Royal Family Order will not be debuted at the state banquet tonight. “Some royal fans are likely to be disappointed. I understand there won’t be a new Royal Family Order on show tonight” he posted on X.

He later added: "I’m told there will be a new Royal Family Order for the reign of Charles III but it isn’t ready yet."

Fans have already been responding with their disappointment, with many wondering whether the King will get a Royal Family Order at all.

“Do you have any idea if this means that there will not be a Charles III RFO at all? Or is it still in the making?” one user pondered.

Another user said: " As someone who’s mostly obsessed with the historical aspect of monarchy I am so TIRED of waiting for Charles’ royal family order. Where is it?! What colour will it have? I NEED TO KNOW."

Richard Palmer gave an update on news of a King Charles RFO: "Just returning to this topic and to answer a few questions, I’m told there will be a new Royal Family Order for the reign of Charles III but it isn’t ready yet", he wrote.

Specifics around King Charles’s RFO are not available, but as King Charles continues to dive into his duties as head of state, royal watchers feel it's only a matter of time before an Order is revealed.

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