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If only Christianity was afforded the unquestioning respect we give Islam - Carole Malone

The Muslim faith seems to be singled-out for special treatment in our schools - could it be linked to agressive demands, asks Carole Malone.

Muslim demonstration at Batley Grammar school

Muslim demonstration at Batley Grammar school (Image: Getty)

How did  we get to a stage in this country where one in five teachers are self-censoring lessons for fear of offending Muslim  pupils? 

According to a think tank study we’ve learned that some schools - which are supposed to be centres for educating and enlightenment -  are dictating the curriculum and what children actually learn on the basis of not offending followers of one particular religion – Islam.

This, apparently, is a consequence of what happened to the Batley schoolteacher who in 2021 showed a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in class and after heated, noisy protests by parents and activists this father-of-four was outrageously suspended and had to go into hiding with his family because of  credible death threats.

Two years on he’s still in hiding living under an assumed name, still living in fear for his life. The experience has left him so scarred he is no longer teaching.  

Yep, this is “liberal” Britain today. 

Of course everything that happened to that Batley teacher could have been avoided if the police had just done their job  and thrown the people threatening his life in jail. 

But they didn’t – presumably for the same reason the cops in Rochdale didn’t, for years, go after the Pakistani Muslim gangs who raped and abused 1400 young girls - because they didn’t want to “inflame racial tensions”.  

So why didn’t the cops go after those activists and the people threatening that teacher who was so terrified he had to flee his home with his wife and kids leaving behind his whole life and everything he held dear. 

Why did no Labour politician in the area (it’s Labour run) stand up and defend this man and say, publicly, what had happened to him was wrong. 

Why did no Tory politician stand up and say what was  happening to him was hideous and had to stop. 

Because if they had  maybe one in five  teachers today  wouldn’t now be terrified to do their job for fear of offending Muslim pupils in their class.

This same poll also said more than half teachers believe their physical safety would be at risk if blasphemy related protests led by activist and advocacy groups were held outside their schools.

So, these people who are paid to educate our kids are saying  they will only educate them in accordance with the do’s and don’ts of one particular faith. They will ensure they teach nothing that offends the children and the families of that faith.   

If only we were as careful about not offending other religions. If only people had a bit more for Christians and their beliefs. 

If only the people weren’t currently marching through our streets shouting for the annihilation of the Jews. Where are the people screaming about how offensive that is?

Why aren’t the politicians up on their hind legs protecting other faiths the way they tip-toe around the Islamic faith?  

This has got to stop. Britain is a secular  society. No single religion can be deemed more important than another.

No religion should be treated with kid gloves or its followers allowed to do things people from other religions wouldn’t be allowed to do.

And the fact teachers are now censoring lessons so as not to offend Muslim kids means they’re creating what is in effect a blasphemy code in schools. And it must not be allowed to happen.

Children should be taught about all religions and make up their own minds about them. But they must be given the actual facts to do that. We cannot have children being taught that criticism of one particular religion isn’t acceptable.

Of course no-one should  gratuitously attack any religion but neither should we be made fearful of telling the truth about it.

And what’s happening now in classrooms isn’t new. 

Back in 2007 a study by the Department of Education and Skills said that some teachers were reluctant to cover the Holocaust in lessons for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include  Holocaust denial.

There was also resistance to tackling  the 11th century crusades in class where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem because lessons might contradict what was being taught to kids at home and in the mosques. 

The report concluded that “in particular settings teachers of history are unwilling to challenge highly contentious versions of history in which pupils are steeped at home, in their community or in a place of worship.”

So think about what that means – it means that pupils of certain religions are being taught something that is true but which their community, their religion, their family has decided isn’t .  

The report concluded that children must have access to knowledge on controversial subjects whether it's unpalatable or not.

THAT report came out 16-years-ago and what was happening then is still happening now only now teachers are even more frightened than they were back then. 

I feel for them - really I do. Because it’s clear they feel they have no backing either from their schools, the police or the Government. 

How have we allowed this to happen?  How did it happen that  the whole of the western media and the political and arts establishment are united in their quest to avoid criticism of one particular religion?

Have they done that out of respect or fear? 

Like I said, Britain is a secular society. All religions  should be respected. But no one religion should be allowed respect or tolerance above the rest. 

But that’s exactly what it feels like is happening.   



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